• a studio specializing in graphic design
  • a reliable partner for organizations, companies and brands with whom we develop visual stories needed to create a new image at the market
  • experience both in the public and private sectors
  • tendency towards modern and innovative graphic design
  • target: to create a permanent and strong connection between our client’s identity and the audience through smart thinking and elaborate design

Sanja Ris
Founder, graphic designer, Zagreb Croatia

Having completed her education in visual arts (School of applied arts and Design Zagreb, Zagreb School of animation Zagreb Film, University of Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology – Fashion Design Department and numerous education courses in graphic design), Sanja began her professional work at the Zagreb Fair in 1997 as a graphic designer. There she found professional challenge and inspiration, participated in complex projects, acquired respectable experience and gained recognition for her work. In 2007 she won the first place at the International Fair Poster Competition.

In September 2014 Sanja established her design studio called Rissanja with the aim to transfer her way of work, her enthusiasm and ideas to other projects. Depending on the complexity and extent of the project Sanja works independently or in a team with professional colleagues. She uses her analytical and creative approach to projects and enriches it with her artistic sensibility or some other creative expression that is required for completion of quality products. She is a member of the Croatian Designers Society.